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How it Works

There are so many amazing reasons to join Emoceans — from world-class events to lifelong friendships to building a better world together. Here's how to join in on the fun:

Step 1

Contact your Consultant

Reach out to let them know you’re interested in hosting!

Step 2

Decide When & Where

Your Consultant walks you through your party options, then you can start inviting your friends and family.

Step 3

Party Time!

Your Consultant will bring products to sample and share, answer questions and take orders while you get your mingle on.

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You can help your family as you help the world around you!

  • live debt free!
  • Ocean safe products for you and your family!
  • Guilt free products people want and need!
  • Family is priority centered company that cares.
  • Host monthly or weekly to earn great discounts
  • Schedule your hosting around your priorities!
  • Win FREE cruises!