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Meet the Artisan

Maker Information

Inspired by her beach in India, 80-year-old Amara Patel, have been weaving jewelry and creating candles made from materials washed up on the beach near her home for nearly two decades! After seeing how much trash and debris washing up on the shores, she was concerned about the state of the oceans and beaches and started cleaning and selling her work in hopes to ignite a revolution to bring the ocean and beach's into a higher, cleaner state. By utilizing her traditional skills, she is able to create beautiful products that reflect her country and culture. After seeing her efforts to make a difference, citizens around the area come to buy her work or volunteer to help her gather trash and debris from the beach.

The women we partner with in different islands and countries around the world do so much more than just create beautiful products. With every purchase, another part of a beach or ocean is cleaned and preserved! Beaches and Oceans are now given a second chance and a promising future for an abundance of life because of your purchase! Your purchase will help citizens clean their beaches and inform others about the issues with litter and trash in the oceans. Women and artisans that are a part of the Emoceans program earn an income and make a difference in helping cleaning the beaches and oceans around the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

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They are from all over the world! Our artisans volunteer their time and products to raise money to create events like "cleaning the beaches" or to donate to other charities that help clean the oceans to create a better oceanic environments. We are committed to preventing these atrocities by creating dignified jobs for women.


You can sign up by click on the button below for more information about hosting and joining and then you can start telling people about Emoceans. If you'd rather donate you can donate money to our charities by contacting your Emoceans Representative.

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We've been in business since September 2018 and we are still growing! More than 500 women take part in this opportunity, and about more than 200 artisans donate their time and merchandise to raise awareness about the pollution of our oceans and beaches.

Our Company History

It started in 2018

We are a group of women whose mission is to create a safe and clean ocean environment for not only the ocean’s creatures but for the humans who’s lives are surrounded by Earth’s Oceans. We work together with other women from poverished islands or countries with the need of helping clean their beaches and donate some of the money we make into projects like cleaning trash from beaches and oceans. From a business of three women in 2011 to a booming growth to over 500 women, we have participated in many beach clean-ups and partnered with many Charities. Owners Beverly Mantra, Benjamin Seashell, and Christy Bullock were inspired to start Emocean when they visited an island beach full of litter and trash and decided to help clean the beach. After learning about the problem of trash washing up onto shore, and the amount of litter in the ocean, they began speaking to the local women villagers and mentioned how they would make different things from materials washed up on the beach. The trio began to sell their products and used the funds to build local campaigns to clean the beaches and the oceans.